All the information to prepare your trip to Tokyo

Let’s discover the Metro of Tokyo in video

Don’t panic. I know how you might react the first time you see the metro plan. It seems insane and actually, it is. But behind this craziness hides one of the most efficient metro in the world. Always on time,… Continue Reading →


What is it ? A kaitenzushi is a sushi restaurant where the plates and sushis are placed on a rotating conveyor belt through the restaurant and moves past every table and counter seat. Customers may place special orders, but most simply pick… Continue Reading →

Do you want to go to the Onsen?

An onsen is a term for « hot springs » in the Japanese language, though the term is often used to describe the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs. As a volcanically active country, Japan has thousands of onsen scattered… Continue Reading →

What’s a Konbini ?

Today, I’m taking into inside a Konbini with a video. The word konbini comes from the english word « convenient ». Open 24/7, those convenient stores provide lots of different products and services. We can buy food but we can also pay… Continue Reading →

5 Japanese words to prepare your trip

Today, I’ve made a video to teach you 5 Japanese words that are gonna be useful during your trip in Japan. Thank you for watching !

Japanese currency

The Japanese yen (¥) also read 円 in Japanese, is the official currency of Japan. It is the third most traded currency in the foreign exchange market after the United States dollar and the euro. It is also widely used… Continue Reading →

Why Japanese people wear a mask?

When we think about asian people, most of us have in mind this vision of people with mask. And that’s true, a lot of people wear mask, even in Tokyo and in Japan. We can hear a lot of reasons… Continue Reading →

What do we eat in Tokyo?

When we think about Japanese food, most people first think about sushis and makis. But Japanese cuisine offers a lot of variety that I would like to introduce to you before your trip. This is just a selection of traditional… Continue Reading →

Crazy Line

Do you know Line ? I’m pretty you use one app to send messages to your friends abroad such as What’s app or Viber. Well line is the Japanese what’s app. It was first launched in Japan in 2011, reaching… Continue Reading →

Hyaku-en shop

What’s a hyaku-en shop ? Pretty easy. Hyaku in japanese means hundred so it’s a place where all products cost a hundred yens (0.75 euros). If you’re american, it’s pretty much like a dollar shop. Those shops are all over… Continue Reading →

French bread in Tokyo

If you’re a bread addict like French people are, you might be wondering where to find good bread in Tokyo. We can easily find bread in pretty much all supermarkets but it’s not as tasty as a good baguette. I… Continue Reading →

Is Tokyo expensive ?

When we talk about Japan and especially Tokyo, we can hear different points of view about the cost of a trip. Some people say that it is expensive and some disagree. So, is Tokyo expensive ? Let talk about what… Continue Reading →

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